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Philosophicons is a new educational tool that can be used to visualize the argumentative structure of philosophical texts. It is aimed specifically at high school philosophy education, to be used in small groups in a classroom setting or as an individual aid for exploring texts.
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Each form represents a textual element. For example, a proposition is represented by a white hexagonal plateau. Smaller objects can be placed on top of this plateau to define its characteristics, e.g. whether the proposition is implicit or explicit. Plateaus are then linked by argumentative types, such as induction and deduction. The red-colored objects are used to visualize the meta-structure from problem to concept.
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Philosophicons is under development, shown here is the first prototype. For questions or contributions, contact us at To stay up to date on future developments, sign up for the mailinglist.

Concept by Floris Velema, design by Jet van Zwieten & Quinten Swagerman.

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